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Photo Editing

Being able to add photos to your website on your own helps you keep your site up to date and fresh without additional expense.  Small Biz Studio allows you to add photos on any page, 24/7.  In addition, built in tools help you create custom photo galleries and slide shows in minutes.  

Photos are an important part of any website.  In order for your photos to load quickly and fit on your page, it is recommended that you size them before placing them on the site.  Popular software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements have a "save for web" feature that helps you reduce the file size for quicker loading. Small Biz Studio does allow you to resize your photos after uploading, but I find it quicker to prepare the photos before uploading.  

Pixlr is a free online program for sizing and compressing photos.  Click on the link below and start preparing your photos for your website immediately.  Click "Image" then "Resize" to size the photo for your site.  The height will adjust automatically.  Then click "File" then "Save" to save your resized photo to your computer.

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